esme downtime, plans

I’d just like to point out that Esme’s current downtime is not my fault (18 hours and counting). Acius is the one who actually owns the account, so he’s the one who has to talk to the hosting provider about getting things back online. He’s well aware of the situation, but is apparently having problems getting in contact with hosting people to request assistance.

And the machine is down-down as far as I can tell. Binky can’t ping her (normally can), so it’s not just a case of apache and the mud going down at once. At the very least, networking is down, at the most… well, we’ve probably lost a great deal of work if that’s the case.

It’s funny, really. I killed myself this weekend working to get the mud back online – restoring from a 10-month-old backup I’d found. I started discussing mud-related topics with our playtesters again. I started cleaning up my todo list. I was all fired up to revitalize the project.

Then the mud goes down at 2pm yesterday afternoon. We had a newbie online at the time. Chalk up another player lost to faulty hardware.

The really fun part about the crash is that nobody knows why it happened. Nobody was doing anything on the machine. The mud was all but idle, just with the one newbie playing and me afking in my cave. I guess the web forums might have been seeing some activity, Sora gave me that impression. But… otherwise, nothing.


Maybe the machine heard our plans to decommission her in favor of moving services over to Binky and Tiff? Shrug.

Either way, this downtime confirms my intentions to move absolutely everything off of Esme as soon as humanly possible. While I’m decommissioning Esme, A’tuin is also coming down and some migration from the pair account will begin. All ancillary sites will be moving to Binky. Hopefully, I’ll finally even be able to bring Hedwig back online and make people’s old data available to them again.

DNS master, the mud, and the mud site will probably be moving to Tiff. I’d make her the DNS slave, but Binky’s already filling the role so nicely. The main mud site will be the only page hosted off of Tiffany… with the possibility of SIMud accounts allowing people some personal ~username style web hosting off of the machine. Yes,, not I’ll be attempting to eliminate that ugly splash page we’ve had up for the last several years…

Binky will be making regular backups of data to Tiff. Tiff will be making regular backups of some data back to Binky. I will be downloading some of each of these and burning them to DVD every month or so.

Tiff comes online Saturday. I hope to have some of these changes in place by Monday evening.

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