video card go boom

Well, not much to say about this, really, but at 10am this morning, my primary video card kind of exploded here at work. So I’m stuck using the spare (GeForce 4 series) PCI vid card that I’d bought from across the street back when I was flirting with 3-head (mentioned briefly here). Being reduced to one monitor is not cool. I’m gonna fix this… soon, I hope.

I snapped a photo with my phone, but it didn’t come out very well at all. Here’s what I’ve got after attempting to clean it up some:

Video Card Go BOOM!

You can barely make out the little Vivi plushie sitting on top of the monitor that used to be powered by the exploding card. Well, at least, you can kind of see his hat.

I have also been reminded that it’s fortunate I didn’t die when this happened 😉

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