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Mud <-> outside world communication. It’s an idea that I’ve been throwing around for months (years now). I’ve given up on it several times. And today, it reared its ugly little head again when McKay (Sora) poked me about something vaguely related.

The incarnation of the idea this time around is simple enough that I’m willing to commit to producing it in the nearish future. It’s simpler than previous ideas but still adds a lot of value to the game – and by virtue of being simpler it has the added bonus of being more likely to see its way into implementation 😛

General Idea

Write an ldmud erq daemon that masquerades as a simple chat line inside the game and as a simple jabber user on the outside.

The ‘jabber’ channel would be added by default to all players (along with the ‘chat’, and ‘newbie’ chans). It would ideally eventually supersede/merge with the general purpose ‘chat’ channel.

The mud would log in to a normal jabber account (probably walraven@simud.org or something similar).

Players inside the mud would be allowed to register a single jabber account (such as their google talk address or something) with their character account. The daemon would then add those accounts to its contact list.

When somebody says something over the channel, it is broadcast to everyone in game as well as everyone who is currently logged in to the jabber side of things. When somebody in jabberland sends an im to the account in question, it is relayed to the chat line as if the player in question had said it normally from within the game.

IM’s from non-registered accounts will simply be ignored.

Users who log in/out of jabber should have their presence announced on the channel, and should show up in a special section of the ‘who’ list. Users who log in and out of the game should have their presence announced to jabber-side users.

If a user is logged into both jabber and the mud, they should still receive the jabber-side messages unless they turn this option off.


Sora, Malap, and I have all signed on for the jabber service with our various accounts. We all maintain a generally high degree of jabber presence all day, every day.

A newbie logs in to the game. The three of us see the notice and are able to instantly help out if needed. Even though we’re not actively playing around in the game world, we can answer questions and the world doesn’t feel empty.

Athenon and Garvin have jabber accounts but don’t use them 24/7. They could register as well, and thus give us an even better semi-permanent presence in the game.

If the newbie is still playing and Garvin logs in, he’ll see the notice and will be able to chat with a fourth person. All w/o anyone else actually being inside the game space itself.

Potential Upgrades

  • Ability to direct tells over the same connection somehow w/o the danger of replies being broadcast to the whole mud? Hmm…
  • How about forwarding in-game IM’s to the user’s jabber account in stead of spamming them on login?
  • Ability to send basic informative commands from jabber. Ie, ‘who’, ‘finger’, ‘uptime’.

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