it’s a little black and white squiggle

This afternoon was Penny’s first ultrasound. I took off a bit from work to watch, and it was nice. Not quite the same emotional experience as listening to the heart tones a few months back and I’m not sure how to compare the two. But it was happy. A good bit exciting, a little bit terrifying, etc…

Mostly, we enjoy the confirmation that we’re not pulling some enormous prank on people. She really is expecting and there really is a human shaped person in the tummy that’s only just barely started showing.

I am amazed at how far the technology has come with this sort of thing. It was nothing like the chicken bones and tea leaves that I have previously associated with sonograms. The image resolution was incredible. We could see very clear and distinct features. The machine was even able to render the direction of the child’s blood flow.

They gave us four pictures, and if Penny doesn’t, I’m going to have to be the evil one and upload them.

Oh, and apparently, it’s probably a girl. Obviously we’re not 100% certain here, but when the pictures start backing up the gut feelings and dreams I’ve been having for over a year now… that’s good enough for me.


Penny has scanned and posted the pictures in her inaugural blog post.

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