antlered toucan

Chris and I split the purchase of a box of the new WoW TCG cards. He picked them up from the local comic shop last night and took his half of the packs, leaving the rest on my desk.

This morning I came in and started opening packs between bugs. Some pretty cool stuff in there, the game looks interesting. We’ll probably play a few rounds on Monday if we can find the time.

In addition to the normal cards, there are three ultra-rare cards that have serial numbers on them that can be used to get a few cool little in-game toys. Apparently the odds of getting one of these cards are something like 1 in every 3 or 4 boxes of 24 packs.

I got the baby hippogryph pet. It’s ADORABLE, like a baby Toucan Sam with antlers. I’ve not scratched the card off yet, am still debating what to do with it. The cards are listing for $75-150 on ebay right now and there are a veritable ton of them for sale. I somehow doubt that mine’d sell if I posted it. And I’m not entirely sure I’d want to sell it for $100. But there’s also no way on earth that I’d pay $100 for it. So, dillema.

Also, unlike CoH/CoV’s in-game account ugprade type rewards, this reward (and all of WoW’s, actually) is a one time serial. You use it on one character and that’s it.

So, while I do have the little side-hobby of collecting mini-pets in the game, I rarely use them. I mean, I’ve probably broken out my worg puppy less than 10 times since I got him. I’ve not used my mechanical chicken in months, etc… So, who knows?

Baby Hippo Pet

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