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A few days ago, I reactivated my CoH account and started playing around again. My new video card makes an enormous difference. Pocket D is just amazing with the effects and sewer maps have a lot more to them than I remembered.

Today the Good vs Evil bonuses went live for online purchase, and I acquired them ($10 for permanent upgrade to all chars – new and old – on the account). The Pocket D teleport ability is cool (just one more way to get around town) and the jumpjet is ok. I imagine it’ll be awesome on chars w/o a travel power (or those with super speed who have problems gaining altitude). Unfortunately, it also has a relatively long cooldown and a 30 sec duration before running out so is only good for one big jump or something.

I’ve not played with the new costume options yet, I don’t want to lose my current one.

The big news is that for the first time in AGES, I’ve earned a level (19) with Tetris. And it was a doozy.

See, last I’d played him, he contracted himself a case of the zombie plague. No actual turning into a zombie, that’d have potentially been cool. Nope. Disease gives you swarming flies around your body and a nasty permanent debuff to both your maximum health and endurance (and endurance regen).

Well, Tetris is a controller, specifically an illusionist. He uses high amounts of end to get his job done. In order to succeed in missions, he relies on invisibility and mind control and stuff. This costs lots of juice. When you have no juice… things suddenly become downright impossible.

So, it took me about an hour and 2 deaths to finally get cured of the disease.

Then the final mission in the story line has you putting an end to Dr. Vahlizok’s latest version of the plague by glowy hunting (something that invisible chars can – surprise – do with zero danger). I think the high level glowy hunt was my true reward for the nightmare that was the diseased portion of the mission.

The final glowy to be hunted (infected body to be incinerated) was in this enormous Frankensteinesque workshop. I tried to snap a picture but apparently it didn’t take. Also, when I turned in the mission to my contact, she said something about actually coming face to face with Dr Vahz. This thing, I did not notice. I’m kind of bummed, because I could have taken him. Zombies are notoriously weak vs invisibility and stuff. Oh well.

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