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In the wake of Gamespy’s article today, and my flipping through my boss’s copy of the art book… I have a wish.

I want one thing from WoW. And one thing only.

I want pistols.

Specifically, I want one-handed/dual-wieldable guns that count as normal weapons (ie, they don’t equip in your ranged weapon slot).

  • I want them to require either hunter class or engineering profession to wield (in addition to buying the weapon skill from a trainer – perhaps even a quest to activate the ability).
  • I want them to use ammo from bullet pouches, and I want them to use gun skill (or at least give dwarves the +5 bonus to pistols as well and require folks to level this separately – kind of like 1h vs 2s sword).
  • I want them in stead of a point-blank talent for high level hunters – possibly with a lvl 40 req to learn the skill (like polearms are lvl 20).
  • I want them to have a base range of 0-8m, which should probably be improved by the appropriate hunter talent.
  • I want them to work while moving, just like any other melee weapon (and unlike normal ranged weapons).
  • I want them to benefit from all appropriate hunter talents and buffs (ie, they use ranged attack power in stead of melee, they get firing rate bonuses from pouches, improved hawk, and rapid fire, etc…).
  • I want them to count as suitable weapons for hunter special abilities, shots and stings.

I think it would be appropriate if their base damage and rate of fire were similar to one-handed melee weapons. I think it would be appropriate if there were some pistols that were only allowed in one hand or the other.

I think it would be appropriate if hunters were required to do something like stances to switch between pistols/regular ranged.

I also think they should continue to be restricted to only applying scopes or other similar enhancements – no fiery enchant or crusader pistols thank you.

I want pistols.

Note: Rogue friend of mine thinks to complain about this idea. In fact, he was pretty vulgar about it. I don’t care 🙂 I want pistols. I want pistols so much that I’m willing to forget my complaints about absolutely every other game balance/feature issue out there…

I want pistols.

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