enemy hideout

Well, it’s more than a little bit official by now so I figure I should mention it here and get around to updating my resume. I’m employed as a full-time software developer type person at Enemy Hideout, LLC. We do programatic Flash development for projects that require more brainpower than the average design monkey can handle – ie object oriented programming and other stuff that requires more than 2 or 3 lines of code at a time 🙂

Currently, we’re still stuck in the realm of web pages and customer service type applications but are hoping that the recent release of Flash 9 (and more importantly ActionScript 3) will put us in a position to work on much more serious products (like networked games).

The office is decorated primarily in comic books. We’ve had really bad luck with photos so far. I therefore link to the best one anyone’s managed to produce yet – and am going to try again next week to see if I can’t finally take a good shot.

update: No, I never did take a good shot. Feh.

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