Well, I’m a bit late in posting on the subject, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was right.

Ok, granted. Lots of people were right. Nobody who did any real serious thinking about the new Alliance race ever came up with any other viable conclusions, but still. I was right. Three months ago, I was right about something 😛

A few deviations to note from my prophecy:

  1. My comment about the concept art showing a draenei was completely wrong. Upon further inspection of the image in question, the lump that I had assumed was a shoulder turns out to be a face – probably that of a rather pale orc. The head is just that of whatever Outland critter he has roped into serving as his lvl 70 mount.
  2. The draenei we’re getting aren’t ugly. Heck, their females are downright cuddly when compared to what they could have been.
  3. They’re not gonna be assassins. They’re gonna be paladins.

The WoWWiki article on the subject has some good stuff. Apparently the racial cooldown ability will be a 15 second HP regen buff that scales with the character’s level – similar to druid healing of the same level, and their chosen crafting profession will be jewelcrafting (big surprise there).

I’m excited. I’m giddy. I’ll probably even re-activate my account whenever the expansion decides to come out 🙂

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