rincewind kersplodiness

Last night, I was running around on RF Online, enjoying Rincewind’s “new” video card when the machine died on me again. All attempts at resurrection have bombed. I am expecting that I need to

Now, Rincewind has this habit. Every few months, he crashes catastrophically. He’s uncontested in the race for my most expensive computer ever.

My initial cost was something like $1,400 but after hardware failures during the first week (which waranties I was not able to redeem because the seller was based in Manhattan), my total cost to get the machine running was closer to $1,700. And those are 2001 dollars, back when I was earning $7/hr as a care provider for disabled folks.

Hedwig by comparrison was something just under $1,000 to get running if I remember correctly. Replacement parts over the last few years have only added up to $100 or $200 total.

Anyhow. Rincewind has acquired a new motherboard ($75) since then. And a new hard drive (300gb, 7200rpm, $150). And more ram (a gig, $100). And a better video card (radeon 9200, 128mb, $100) which I just replaced ($100). Total pricetag so far? $2,225 if my estimates are adding up correctly.

And that’s for a machine with a 1.4ghz processor. I’ve finally capped the AGP slot’s capacity with monday’s upgrade. The mobo can handle an Athlon XP 3200+ and up to 4 gigs of DDR400 ram… But a new processor to cap out the machine’s speed would run me $185 at Newegg right now and the memory would run $260 minimum for name brand stuff…

For the money I’ve spent on Rincewind so far, I could have built an Alienware… sigh.

Anyhow. We’re hoping that it’s hard drive issues (which the machine’s been plagued with in the past) and not the new video card that caused the problem. I’ll swap out drives and reinstall windows tonight to see what happens.

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