Ok, I’m all but done with my little break from the mud. Pre-req’s for my resuming work on the game:

  • The game & associated web page must be running off of Esme. A’tuin is fired.

Yup. Long list. I’ve compiled the latest driver on Esme already and am copying the lib dir over right now. Whenever that’s copied, I’ll hammer on it until the game runs – at which point I’ll prolly make a cleaner copy (shut down game and forums for a bit in order to guarantee a clean shift).

So, hopefully very soon not only will Walraven be back in active production… it will be in production on a much sturdier machine. Yay!


Well, it’s the 22nd and I’ve still not finished migrating the mud… typical. Worst case scenareo is that we make it happen on the 28th – when Acius arrives in town for a week 😛

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