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I was playing around with the CoH/CoV Character Builder yesterday and decided to duplicate my current (and planned builds). And since I was re-creating/planning things in the builder, I figured I may as well dump them here, eh? I’ll prolly go through and link all of the powers to their appropriate descriptions on GameAmp or something.

URL for the character builder is:, but for some reason, b2evolution is blocking the URL – probably some sort of spammish history with Comcast or something 😛


Kiki is the character in limbo. His name comes from my FFXI WHM/BLM Taru result of the random name generator (For some obscure reason that I forget, it wasn’t letting me choose a name to use). I had always planned on making him a summoner whenever I got high enough, but the level treadmill on FFXI is so slow and unforgiving that he never really made it past 20.

He was the first CoH char I ever created, but has been purged and re-created (both as a hero and as a villain) no less than 6 or 7 times now.

If I do ever get around to re-creating him, I’m torn. I would like to preserve some taste of his FFXI class history, but with Tetris already being a healer/summoner/passable nuke – that slot is kind of already taken on the hero side of things.

I’ll prolly post something once I make up my mind as to an appropriate build to live up to Kiki’s name


Ok, on Feb 19, I finally decided to sit down and come up with a tentative build that I’m going to play with until level 10 to see if I like it.

Kiki will be an Energy Blast/Dark Miasma corruptor with Super Speed and Medicine. This gives him rather potent damage, crowd control, and evac/wipe recovery capabilities. He gets good healing, two rez abilities (one for in combat, one for out), and picks up a summon at level 38.

Archetype: Corruptor
Primary: Energy Blast
Secondary: Dark Miasma


On March 6th, and in the wake of Vomes, I deleted Kiki (who was only level 3 at the time) and will probably be creating him again as a Hero char after all – likely with the same power sets as mentioned above.


Archetype: Controller
Primary: Illusion Control
Secondary: Kinetics

Tetris is/was my primary character. I must have created him back during I4 or so (back long before I was paying attention to patch notes and such). He’s incredibly low level for the amount of play-time I’ve put into him – currently only 18.

I’m pretty certain that I like this plan for his development – that he become a primary healer, pick up his future summons as they are made available, and round the whole thing off with a bunch of Ice Mastery.


Tetris finally got around to using his free respec (awarded back around I3 or something). He’s since dropped repel in favor of group invisibility and is most likely not going to pick up the medicine power set. No further plans exist for him yet.


Archetype: Mastermind
Primary: Necromancy
Secondary: Poison

Columns is currently level 23 and holds the distinction of being the first char that I actually planned for more than a level in advance. At 15, I sat down with a pencil and plotted his skill choices through 38.

Future levels are waiting for I7’s Patron Powers to be announced, since I’m probably going to be choosing one of them for my remaining 4 abilities.


Columns has completed the respec trial and will be dumping his nukes in exchange for debuffs. No other plans have been finalized yet. When I do decide upon how to spend the respec, I’ll post the details in a new post.


Archetype: Stalker
Primary: Energy Melee
Secondary: Energy Aura

Kini is currently level 7 and isn’t planned quite as seriously as Columns is. It doesn’t really look like any of the stalker nrg powers are not worth having, so the decisions aren’t as clear-cut as they were in the previous case.

The only decisions that I’m really confident about are those made up to level 14 – and possibly that of grabbing super speed some point later in her career. And ditto to Columns’ indecision on levels 41+, as they’re pending I7.

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