purple (and pink) meanies

Tonight I wound up partying with a pair of rather cool players in CoV. On a whim, I asked them about their supergroup (CoH/CoV guild) and was invited to join. I am now a member of Malefactors Anonymous. Our colors are … pink and purple. It’s absolutely hideous on my character. Is humorously bad.

Founder(?) of the group’s name is Sweet Sakura – and naturally, she chose colours that worked with her outfit. Other guy is big robot looking thing, so it’s funny on him, but not as bad as on my necromancer. I am strongly considering putting together some sort of group photo (with before and after versions) just to prove how bad the transformation is.

It’s kind of funny how I happened to hook up with them. All three of us were on the same mission – and Sakura and I were both incredibly annoyed at it. Talking back and forth over public channel whether or not we should group to do it I wound up bumping into her as we both searched for our quarry (ie, we both landed on the same rooftop to regroup and get our bearings). So, yeah.

This should increase my general level of enjoyability in the game. They’re cool kids. I also got my stalker alt into the group (catgirl with pink energy punch of doom – Penny actually selected the costume). And, unsurprisingly, she looks good in the pink/purple combo.

If I don’t hear any more about my attempts at creating a web page for my WoW guild, odds are high that I’ll just scrap it and use the space for something for the CoV group 😛

In addition to this group, earlier today, I wound up in another good party – a duo – with a guy who mentioned that he was dissatisfied with his SG, so I might try recruiting him to the pink side as well. Bwahaha!

Update – Mar 6

Apparently it wasn’t Sakura’s idea to go with the pink… so one can only assume that Kernel is to blame. Shrug. I’ve since spent a lot of time tweaking my costumes to make them look less ugly in pink/purple and am more or less resigned to my fate.

However… the thought of gradually shifting the purple to a shade of blue (since I do have that much access to the group’s settings…) is very tempting in deed 🙂

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