hunter rant criticism

Grin. So I discovered today that I had been sent some criticism about my recent little hunter rants. Apparently somebody I had pointed at them turned around and relayed them on to his hunter friend.

The consensus passed on to me that the text was ‘worthless’ and that it didn’t contain anything not already said by Blizzard.

I guess I should respond to this somehow, but I’m not entirely motivated to do so. My intent was not so much as a re-education of existing hunters – but as a bit of a preview of the class for those who’re considering rolling one. Of course, any hunter who did find enlightenment in these mumblings… probably needed a good bit of help 😉

As far as the notion that Blizzard has said any of this stuff… *heh* They list skills and general numerical effects of the abilities, but don’t ever talk about side-effects or admit that some skills are useless, etc…


I am still planning on writing something actually targeted at hunters. The idea being some suggestions on how to deal with retarded parties and take back your role as an essential member of an effective group.

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