esme part 2

Well, wow. I’m really getting annoyed with how BSD handles library paths. The ldconfig command has markedly different behavior than under Linux – and even though I take great pains to make sure I am using it the BSD way in stead of the Linux way, it doesn’t always work.

I installed Cyrus SASL today from an official package off of OpenBSD’s site. The package installation apparently didn’t even issue the correct ldconfig command. So, in order to use the library, I had to issue another command – so it could find 8 more libraries that were missed the first time around.

After that, I yelled at OpenLDAP until it finally compiled with SASL support and then repeated the same sort of yelling and screaming fit at Exim before it learned how to play nice with LDAP, SASL, and MySQL.

This took me all of 3 or so hours to accomplish. That’s just plain wrong. Normally, on a machine with this much horsepower, I’d be done with this kind of installation in well under one. I’m beat for the day, so am not gonna play with more stuff at the moment, but tomorrow’s schedule is BIND, SpamAssassin, and amavisd-new (including their supporting libraries and applications). Oh, and Mailman as well, of course 😉

Yeah. The ML is actually gonna be coming back in the forseeable future 😛

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