thermaplug, oh thermaplug

Yesterday, the 1.9 patch was released for WoW. As part of this whole mess, a huge game-wide event was launched in order to open the new Ahn’Quatever instance. Story goes that everyone needs supplies to support the war effort, so everyone’s farming things like fish and iron and stuff to turn in for very happy rewards.

One of the farmables on Alliance side is silk bandages. So… Tony and I decided to go flatten Gnomeregan for the easy silk and occasional lowbie green drops. While we were in there, we killed the head guy because we were bored. I recorded it.

For those of you just tuning in, this is kind of funny because Thermaplug is the first tough boss in the game. Back when you’re in your 30’s and you finally get to him, he requires strategy. See, there are these machines around the room that send out a constant stream of bombs. One player in the party is generally assigned to run in circles and shut the machines off.

We ignored the bombs. He lasted 25 seconds. Hehe.

A short (~1 minute, 5mb) video recording the pinnacle of our little adventure is here:

The audio was taken from the first Lemmings theme mix I could find on OCR (LetsGoDance by Nines) because: 1) Gnomeregan really does remind me a lot of Lemmings, and 2) it had the cute little “Let’s Go!” sample near the beginning of the song. I applied very minimal editing after the fact and inserted the little gong noise on my own.

Also worthy of note – some people without good mpeg4 video support might not be able to play the clip. Windows users might want to try uninstalling every codec pack you might have already put on your machine and just use a recent release of ffdshow in stead. The three year old release on SourceForge isn’t smart enough to do the trick.

Oh, and if you’re hesitant about installing daily build releases of software on your machine… well, ffdshow is an open source project, and a month old release from an active project is something like ancient in OSS years. I’ve been using ffdshow for about 3 months now and couldn’t be happier.

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