the saga continues

Well, I have found yet another utility that promises to solve my DVR-MS woes. It is a very poorly written little monster, but it does simple batch conversion of the files into good old fashioned mpeg video/audio streams. As far as I am able to tell, Microsoft is actually only using dvd-style mpeg compression for them in the first place.

This means that once I have extracted things, I can use anything I feel like to process them further. This also means that I should hopefully be producing higher quality results than in my attempts that stopped by at WM9 along the way.

Tarma is churning out a split M2V/M2A pair of files in under 4 minutes per 1.6-1.8gb episode, so not bad. Of the 9 episodes that I am working on right now, it has already completed 4 (one while I have typed this).

Time passes… and all episodes are done in under half an hour. I can play them with mplayer just fine. However, no other application on this machine is willing to touch the files, and mencoder actually crashes when trying to mux them together.

So, I guess it’s either back to ye olde drawing boarde or off to see if I can get transcode or something on here. But since it’s a source-only release, and I really don’t feel like putting Cygwin on the machine, I might have to find something else.

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