happy pills

Well, after an entire week of failed attempts at visiting the doctor to discuss problems with my medication – and to get a refill – I was able to drag myself down there fairly early on friday morning.

We’re going to up my dose to the regular level. Most people on Effexor are on 150mg/day. I was only taking 75mg. So, the next two weeks will see me on a halfway dosage and then the following two will be at the full level, at which point I’ll go back in. Of course, if the stuff makes my brain explode, Penny will drag me in aforehand.

I also got the news that we’re too rich for the manufacturer’s assistance program. This doesn’t really surprise anyone, but it was worth a shot since the pills are about $3/75mg pop. Thankfully, since we’re changing the dosage around and all, the doc gave me samples for the whole 4 week transition period.

This works out to about $150 in anti-depressants that I was carrying around campus in a brown paper bag this morning. It felt silly.

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