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Ok, you know it’s bad when you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about a stupid video game. Specifically, a stupid video game that nobody else will play with you…

I’ve given a bit more thought to the whole EQ2 thing and am pretty certain that I want my dwarf to become a guardian. He’s halfway through the job upgrade quest, having hit lvl 9 this morning before my stomach rebelled on me.

Minor adventure:
Was simply grinding away at mobs in the forest ruins outside of Baubleshire (since my primary is a hobbit, alts just bum off of his house for storage when their vaults fill). At level 7, the dwarf could pretty much inflict a constant stream of death and carnage against mobs his size or smaller without stopping – because mini-dings are cool (every 10% of a level in EQ2, you’re healed to full).

Well, very nearly approaching the boundary for level 8, a rabbid aggro badger (elite, honor, whatever EQ calls them) spawned behind me and proceeded to chew me into pieces. Surprisingly, I almost survived. Debt was only 2%, so no biggie, I came back, tried again, and did much worse that time around because I wasn’t quite as prepared as I should have been.

Wander around for 10 minutes until I ding 8 and make my way back to find that nobody has killed the badger yet. Yar! Badger dies. Badger drops nice shield and Adept I book for lvl 12 Warrior skill. A sign? I think so. Fighter->Warrior->Guardian it is then 😉

Will probably have enough xp to ding 11 shortly after switching to guardian, and Al will probably be able to find himself a decent enough supply of friends. If not, he will still tank like a Buick, and I don’t mind Jeopau twinking him out a bit with some of his carpentry earnings if I need to squander some on happy armour…

Argh! Somebody play with me!

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