Once again, I hear the siren call of Everquest. Kind of. (2 of course, the original was completely unplayable)

Penny has shown a little interest in the game and has taken a wood elf priest through the newbie island but has yet to actually go through the apartment quests and all.

We were having minor issues with Tarma at the time – go figure, Athlon64 3200+ with an nVidia card (which SOE apparently swears by) having trouble keeping up with the lowly Athlon 1400 with its ATI card. Grin. Probably helps that Rincewind has about a gig and a half of ram and a better motherboard by miles – and of course that nVidia really isn’t worth the silicon its printed on 😉

Either way, I’ve throttled the graphics options way below the settings I’m using on Rincewind, have moved Tarma onto the wireless bridge (we think that her PCI wireless nic was causing most of the unreliability), and things seem to be playing smoothly – if a bit uglier than I would have liked.

My main is a lvl 14 halfling bard (and lvl 20 carpenter). I have kind of reached the point with him where soloing isn’t very effective. He can’t exactly tank, and he can’t exactly deal the kind of damage he would have if he had gone to either of the other scout subclasses. Bard needs party, and frankly, I’m hesitant to start hooking up with the natives for some odd reason or another.

Thankfully, there is the mentor system, which will allow me to use him to play with Penny. Of course, she’s so low level right now, that he ceases to become a bard if that happens 😛

I’ve got four other chars on the server atm: two fighters, a priest, and a mage. None of them are above lvl 7 and I am wondering about playing around with them. Looking at power sets makes me wish (strangely enough) that there were more than 24 classes in the game. I’m having a hard time finding something that interests me enough to blast through to lvl 10 or so. Silly, no?

Hrm. I’ve got a bit of time before I plan on going into work. I think I just might grind with my dwarf (fighter) for a bit and see if I can’t get the poor guy headed in the direction of becoming a useful tank.

Plans for chars?
dwarf fighter – tank, paladin or guardian (prolly guardian)
kitty fighter – dps, monk
human priest – not really sure
frog mage – nuke, prolly wizard
hobbit bard – spoony, dirge

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