the whole nine years

As I gear up for the birthday party in a little less than 8 hours, I wish I could be sentimental, but I’m not. It has been a long haul, and we are nowhere near as advanced as we should be. It has been discouraging in the extreme. Not enough people show interest, and those who do aren’t always helpful.

That said, I’ve been killing myself this week to prepare a few little surprises for our loyal players. What we’ve got are four special presents and one consolation prize for everyone else.

Sora – Sora gets a new spell, Call of Hearthfires. It is basically a quick teleport back to a specified home point. This basically gives him a second beacon to which he can port only himself. The spell is also easier than our standard Teleport spell and is meant to be distributed to players at large, at least to all members of the PW guild.

Zaecus – Zaecus also gets a new spell, Animal Messenger v1.0. It is a silly little communication spell that summons an animal to send a message to a target player. Delivery takes time, and if the recipient logs out, they should get the message eventually when they log back in. The future version will be more featureful, interesting, and reliable.

Garvin – Garvin _also_ gets a new spell, Fire Blast. It is our first 1st order nuke spell, and is basically just Fire Bolt on sterroids. It does about 2-3x the damage and takes less time, more mana to cast. Right now, it has the same description as the 0th order spell, but that will change… eventually.

Focker – Focker gets an artifact weapon. For lack of any better name, I threw together some random syllables and got Sharov. It is a broadsword that does ice damage and has a 10-minute special ability to heal the wielder for a full meter’s worth of readiness points. Cool stuff.

Everyone else gets the potion goodie bag. I invented two new potions for the occasion, bubbling orange and bright yellow. The orange pots will permenantly increase the drinker’s stats randomly. The yellow pots are better than normal heal (white) potions, and will take the drinker over max (to a potential of 225% or so).

I’ve written little boxes to put the presents into. Now all I need are silly hats, firecrackers, and wrapping paper.

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