the trees of reboot

Ok, so because of the downtime yesterday and the issue with the whole gateway address changing on me, I figured rebooting the server might not be a bad idea – to flush cached funk.

While not a bad idea, it was apparently not a very good one. Something must have happened that truncated our save file the last time the world did its thing before I shut the mud down – it was about 3mb, about 1/4 of its actual size.

When the game came back up, we were lacking a great many areas, so I brought things back down, dug out the last backup save (we make backups every morning at 4am), and tried installing with it. Even wierder errors happened, so I gave up and called Adam for help and spent the hour before he wrapped things up at work in attempts to fix the network so he would be able to repair us 😉

He got the world back up and running and all was well. He went home, I went home.

Then the trees came out to play.

Something wierd is going on with the tree death code. They’re spawning like rabbits on fertility pills. Malap just complained to me of having discovered 14 trees in his current location. Typically, the math won’t allow for more than 4 or 5 in the average overworld room.

Every second or so, we get spammed on the error channel and the trace log gets an entry like this:

So, I check line 303 of /econ/plant.c and find that it is the end of the block of code where trees die from overcrowding. The block simply executes a call_out() on the function to update the room map and then destroys the tree.

The problem is… these call_out()‘s aren’t happening, thus the trees aren’t destructing. So, I commented out the call_out(), made it call the room update immediately, and rebooted the game. Why reboot, you ask? Simple.

The update wiz command isn’t working now either. This is troublesome in the exteme. Acius has a lot of work cut out for him.

And, argh… the errors persist. It looks like code isn’t getting recompiled? Grumble, mumble. destruct() isn’t working. I’m scared now. Definately a job for Adam 😛

And here I was hoping to get birthday presents finished this morning. Oh well.

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