midsized feature maration

I had stomach and headache issues again this morning. The whole vivid dreams thing is starting to make sleep pretty much pointless again, I think. I took a pill last night and that helped me crash, but didn’t do anything to the dreams…

My old high school choir visited a Right Guard factory in China when we were really looking for a person who was hiding out at an Old Spice warehouse. We wound up getting chased by bandits on horseback across the border into a more civilized nation where we hung out at a fairly nice house until the bus arrived to pick us up. For some reason or another, we decided to hold Sarah hostage in the back room, but she untied herself and came back out to join us after a while. Then everyone’s clones showed up. This was particularly disturbing when the twins’ clones arrived… then there were four of the guys… shudder.

I managed to spend the greater majority of the day (after I started feeling better) in programming features on the mud. I churned out a huge pile of non-trivial additions to the game, so today was at least productive in that sense.

And the list I reported to the ML isn’t complete either… I also upgraded the meditate command, updated the FAQ, edited carnivore ai so they stopped leaving the inedible bits of their prey all over the mud, and hacked on the codex site for a while.

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