dull brainache

The vivid dreams have not stopped. They are actually quite consistent. I am kind of dreading this evening, I don’t know that I really want to go to sleep because I know that they are out there. The dreams are not troublesome in and of themselves, but they do prevent me from getting much rest. Hence, I am voluntarily awake at 2am for the first time in a while.

I have recently put the Walraven Codex into a wiki format. I am really quite liking the software that I have here (TikiWiki) – it is the best content management system I’ve played with so far, and the wiki aspect is faster than MediaWiki was.

I have written up a document on the Guild of Hunters for the game and just finished working on what will eventually be a similar document for the Templars. I am quite thrilled to be producing actual game content again. It’s kind of funny, I haven’t really written anything about either of these two groups in years – and they have finally decided to consume my mental processes for the last week or so. Both docs are posted as articles on the Codex site.

I have a new toy. It is pretty. A Dell Axim x50v PDA. The thing flies at over 600mhz and has a 16-bit 480×640 screen. Thing is truly wonderful. I picked up a 512mb compact flash memory card and it looks like I will be able to put about two hours of high quality DivX video on there. I’ve been watching Macross (愛・おぼえていますか) on there with much happiness so far.

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