singing practice

Well. This has been an eventful morning so far. My little brother is currently seeking Java programming lessons from me in earnest. This is a good thing. I’ve been wanting to teach -one- of them to program, and since I’ve always joked that Dallin is “me minus ten years” it is fitting that he would be the one who finally showed an interest. And he is making remarkable progress.

I’ve given him the assignment of writing a little four function calculator application. So far, he’s got most of the gui options figured out, but I needed to give him a nudge. We’ll see how long it takes him 😉 Tonight I will probably be teaching him how to write the events that make the buttons do stuff.

I also looked up the lyrics to Phantom music (since I can’t find my sheet music right now). And I sung my brains out. I need practice so badly. It was a good experience, but wow… is my voice out of shape. These are songs I have practiced and performed hundreds of times, and I am having so much trouble with them.

My range has shrunk dramatically. I think I’ve lost about an octave on the top and half of one on the bottom. My falsetto is still basically fine, but since there’s no real overlap any more… the transitions are way more difficult now. I am going to force myself to sing something at full volume every morning until I’m back to tolerable again. Then, I browbeat Kyle into making some recordings with me.

Talked to Elijah for a few minutes. He seems to be doing better now, is going to work today.

Speaking of which, I need to finish up a few things real quick and head in myself. Maybe they will have a verdict for me this afternoon? I need this job.

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