blah users

Ok, so the mud is in beta testing right now. We have had some users for quite a long period (some people who joined us before we declared alpha are still around). Yet, these people… are acting like utter and complete morons 😉

Last night they just posted 3 bug reports on the same well-intended feature. Specifically, I have changed the skill tree layout and converted people’s old abilities over to the new tree. Magic spells now require a vast array of abilities in order to cast them successfully. For example, our ice bolt spell requires skill with ice mana and evoking technique.

Well, when people’s skills converted over from the old system, some magical technique skills (such as dancing and cursing) did not have any previous analogues, so nobody wound up getting them. People are reporting a ‘bug’ that they don’t know every ability in the game. Yeesh. The other bug report was that somebody didn’t have proficiency in whips… sigh.

It’s user failure. Replace the user.

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