whyever would i want to specify my subject in advance?

My, how time passes. Multitudinous things have changed in the several months since I last posted here. Again, the thought occurs to me that I should be hosting this on my own site, but I’m bored and it’s a good enough contact tool for now.

My stomach is killing me. I was not feeling horribly wonderful this morning, so when I took my pill, I was not able to accompany it with anything solid (as per doctor’s instructions). I hoped that milk would be solid enough, but I guess I was wrong. Eight hours later, I am regretting this muchly. I ate some salad a bit ago and got northing more than a serious case of the gurgles as a result. Oh well. Maybe the gut will melt off and float away or something.

Pill? Yeah. Pill.

I have recently finally convinced myself to seek psychological attention for my sleep problems. My friends are all well acquainted with the situation – I have never really been able to sleep at night. The two counsellors and one psychologist that I spoke to were all in agreement that in addition to the sleeping issue, I have also had some variety of low-grade depression for the last many years. Whether the sleep is causing the depression or the other way around, nobody knows. But helping the one will probably help the other.

I have been taking anti-depressants for just over a week now, am finally on the full dosage. It is not supposed to reach full effectiveness until next week some time. I am feeling good results from the stuff mentally – I am able to concentrate on things again and am generally able to get things done at work. However, they’re doing a number (a big number) on my body. We’ll see who wins out, ne?

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