I have recently been on a Discworld kick. I just finished reading Thief of Time and am now working on The Fifth Elephant. This leaves some six or so of the 30ish books unread by yours truly. I have the new book, Going Postal, on order from SFBC and hope to receive it within a few days (today is the release date, I believe).

I have also been spending more than my fair share of time logged into the mud. In addition to my normal character (Allaryin the Morporkian Seer), I have created four other characters: Kikichikki the Agatean Pishite, Kyaneos the Hublandish Barbarrian (female), Kurogane the Agatean Safecracker, and Adryn the Agatean Witch (female). Kiki has finally reached the point where he can cast resurrect, Kuro can backstab and is working on actually being able to crack safes, Adryn brews a mean pot of tea and can sometimes fly (and -really- needs to learn Morporkian and move to the Ramtops), Kyan can pretty much butcher anything she feels like.

I’ve also been mapping the heck out of the place. I have zMUD maps that cover every street in every major city in the game as well as my ever-expanding overworld map that comprises the entire highway system east of AM (and a bit west of town too – I’m currently charting through Omnia toward Klatch.

I had written a short bit of PHP to convert the different game currencies around and am now considering putting some maps of my own up on the site (including information that people actually need – like what’s in different shops and such, eh?). The temptation to do the maps is very strong… and once I start, I will not be allowed to stop.

The big problem with the mapping is that I’ll need a good program to render the things in, zMUD being nice and all – but entirely inappropriate for my needs. The thought occurs to try to use zMapper, but since he discontinued the project, I see no reason to register it. Chances are high that I might wind up using something more along the lines of some sort of CAD system.

Ok, people are here.

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