well, that’s done…

I just finished making cheese of our old personal site, which really was not very impressive to begin with. It will now throw lovely 404’s to all those engines out there that have spidered it.

Our web stats are kind of funny on Hedwig (my primary web server), roughly 40% or so of people arriving at the site (when I last checked) were searching for ‘engagement pictures’. Penny and I had some pics up from our engagement. I was probably 50 pounds lighter back then. She made me fat.

Cosmic rays made me fat! Or thus quoth Danny, in reference to me.

See… I don’t really eat food any more because I am too lazy to prepare it (esp in the bleeding desert heat – it’s like eleven billion and a half degrees outside, possibly twelve) and am usually too cheap to go out and purchase instantly edible food. Thus, I have been averaging one meal per day for at least a year, possibly more.

Not only have I not really been eating real food, I don’t go outside. I am a computer geek after all, and we just don’t believe in that sort of foolishness very often. So it can’t be photosynthesis. Hence, the only remaining option is cosmic radiation. Beams of fatness shooting through everything in their path and latching onto me.

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