And here we go again. This has the potential of being a very vicious cycle. Especially now that I have discovered the RSS feeds. See… I like RSS, it’s a wonderful technology. Everything that is interesting and important and worth reading on a regular basis should publish an RSS feed.

I am contemplating making a feed for the conglomerated sites, but have insufficient motivation and/or time to make that happen any time soon. It wouldn’t be too bad. All I would need to do is combine the mud’s extant feed with the comic’s rants and a third source that would send things only to the feed.

What I -really- want is an RSS client that is fully integrated with BitTorrent so one or more of my machines could be set up to automagically grab certain files the instant they are released… would be both a convenience on my part and a service to the community, making high quality seeds readily available for the initial launch of my favorite fansubs 😉

You know… I could write something like that. It wouldn’t be difficult at all, it’s just a simple matter of programming. Sigh. Like so many other things I have designed. If I only had a good 60 hours a week I could dedicate to software development… Oh well.

Of course… people likely already have done this. In fact, on a whim, we enter Google mode now…

Yup, it happens. Now if only the files I was interested in were released this way, eh? 😉 Perhaps I should talk to people about this… hmm.

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