Untitled - And Always On Purpose

This site used to host my personal blog. It went through phases of regular updates and years of inactivity. Most recently, it had been inactive for ~3 years, and had been subject to any number of WordPress attacks in that time.
I sat down to write something this evening - because I had an idea that I felt was worth sharing (preserving?) for the first time in as many years... only to find that WP had broken again since the last time I had performed any site maintenance.
So I have decided to take the blog down for now. I'll bring it back online eventually as a static site, but that will take some time and motivation - which is the sort of resource in short supply these days. So... yeah. Goodbye, I guess? I'm pressing pause for now, and hope to be able to rebuild what I had in a much more stable, useful, and performant state before I grow too old to do so ;)
Allaryin - 2:01 AM, Oct 13, 2021